AMR 2003

This document was prepared for an invited lecture at an Adaptive Mesh Refinement workshop held by the University of Chicago, Sept. 3-5 2003:

Computational Science
  "Same Old Silence, Same Old Mistakes"
  "Something More Is Needed ..."

and is a formal write-up of this AMRITA-powered talk.


Since the above paper was written, Adobe have released version 7.0 of their free PDF browser, acroread. It now allows users to annotate PDF documents, and so JJQ's request for readers to annotate his manuscript is no longer as odd as it appeared back in 2003. Moreover, in the context of academic peer review, it would now be practical to force reviewers to annotate authors' manuscripts directly so as to eliminate the poisonous practice where work is trashed out of context.

Here it is also worth mentioning that CNN ran an article, 5th October 2004:

Software disasters are often people problems

which echoes some of the points made in JJQ's paper. In particular, it is sobering to think that software bugs cost the US economy 60 billion dollars a year; needless to say, the article's original link is now broken!

As a final thought, December 14th 2004 announced it would make availiable online the texts from several prestigous, university collections. The challenge for the computational science community is to realise that if the will existed, simulations could be archived in a form that would allow interested parties, at any future date, to reproduce the recorded work down to the smallest detail. Of course, given the selfish nature of research, it will likely be quite some time before the community wises up to the educational possibilities of raising its archiving standards.

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