AMRITA is a script driven system and so it does not lend itself to jazzy screenshots of a graphical user interface. That said, AMRITA can produce more than its fair share of eye-candy. For instance, this poster:


was constructed for the 17th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems, held in Heidelberg (July 25-30, 1999).

The poster was designed to promote computational debate in a niche scientific field. But at another level, it serves to illustrate the programming power of text templating. Instead of writing a POV-Ray script by hand, an AMRITA program was written to contruct the POV-Ray scene dynamically, and the same approach is used in the generation of this web page. Why bother? The short answer is that it allows programs, regardless of the target language, to be manipulated in a uniform fashion.

Here Mind The Gap is drawn to 1/8th scale. The full-size image is 5820 by 3840 pixels!

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