AMRITA is a system for communicating software-based ideas and information. It operates as a cross between a document preparation system, a computational engine, and a programming language.

The Past (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

AMRITA started life back in 1988 as an adaptive mesh refinement algorithm for simulating fluid flows. By 1995 it had evolved into an interactive teaching aid for aeronautical students; hence its name.

Come 1997, AMRITA had grown in size to the point where it lacked the software tools and management needed to sustain itself as a scientific activity. A decision was therefore made to shelve the numerical side of the software so as to concentrate on its support infrastructure. The result: a general purpose system for communicating software-based ideas and information.

Today AMRITA's name is best taken at face value as its purpose is quite far removed from its adaptive-mesh origins.

The Present (Electronic Books)

AMRITA is now about generating sophisticated PDF documents such as this one:


which introduces the system's take on literate programming and program-folds; new software twists, on old programming tales.

A complete overview of AMRITA's software approach is given in:


The title is a weak play on the dictionary definition:

amrita the drink of the hindu gods.

But if you can look past the pun, and leave your preconceptions at the door, the accompanying worked examples should allow you to appreciate the issues that drive the system's evolution.

The Future (Education)

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.
Diogenes Laertius

AMRITA's educational aims are outlined in:

Your aims will almost certainly be different, but given that AMRITA's software technology is general purpose it could still support your activities, once you are able to appreciate this light-hearted example.

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